Board of Directors


Johan Reinsli 

Chairman of the Board. Johan Reinsli was elected Chairmain of the Board in March 2008. He has been a board member in Navamedic since March 2007. Mr Reinsli is a graduate from Handelsakademiet, Oslo, Norway and has broad international management experience from the banking and finance sector. Previous executive positions include EVP at DnB NOR Kort, Head of Northern Europe at Europay International SA and CEO at Europrocessing International ASA, a company founded by Mr. Reinsli and colleagues. During his career Mr. Reinsli has been completing M&A activities in a number of EU and neighbouring countries.  Mr Reinsli has broad international background from various board assignements, and currently works as an independent advisor and board member. Mr Reinsli holds indirectly 244,400 shares in the Company. 

Svein Erik Nicolaysen

Svein Erik Nicolaysen

was elected Director of Navamedic in August 2009. Mr Nicolaysen currently holds the position as CEO of the investment company Intersys Norge AS, a part of the group that is the largest shareholders in Navamedic ASA. He is an authorised accountant with accounting practice from Arthur Andersen and Vesterålen-Revisjon AS. From 1998 through 2008, Mr. Nicolaysen was the CEO of the company Vesterålen Naturprodukter AS and Nordic Sales Group AS, companies specialising in direct sales and marketing of health care products such as Omega 3 concentrates. After these companies were sold to Ferrosan AS (DK), Mr Nicolaysen was a member of the Management Board in Ferrosan AS until the end of 2008. Mr Nicolaysen holds 50.000 shares in the Company.

Synne H Røine

Synne H. Røine is CFO of Colosseum Smile Group, a leading provider of dental care in Scandinavia. Ms Røine has broad international experience in the biotech and specialty pharma. She served as CFO of Bionor Pharma ASA from 2013 to 2015, a biotechnology company working with therapeutic vaccines against viral diseases. From 2009 to 2013 she was CFO of Pronova BioPharma ASA, which develops and sells Omega-3 based pharmaceuticals. The company was in 2013 sold to BASF for NOK 5 billion. Ms Røine is a Board member of Photocure ASA. Ms Røine holds a Master in Business and Economics from Université des Sciences Sociales Toulouse, France.  

Kari Stenersen

More than More than 30 years commercial experiences from international Pharmaceutical  and Diagnostic companies. Has been responsible for building up international business with subsidiaries in countries like USA, China and many European countries. Was part of top management of Axis, and later Axis –Shield plc until acquired in 2011. Last years been CEO and COO in Genetic Analysis as.

Patrik Hellström 

Patrik Hellström was elected as Director of the Board in October 2015. He has a long experience from leading positions within the European Pharmaceutical market place in companies like Orifarm Group AS, Medartuum AB/Munro Group, and prior to that as Co-founder and CEO of Bringwell International AB (publ.), listed on Stockholm Nasdaq. He has an in depth knowledge of OTC and Rx Pharmaceutical trade.  Currently Mr. Hellström is working as business advisor, with investments and privately held companies as Overdog AB and Service Partners RMS AB.  Mr. Hellström holds a Master of Science in Business and Economics from University of Lund, Sweden.