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Aftamed Teething Q2 2015 Oral Medicin Hyaloranic acid. Line extension for children. FI, DK, S
Florinef Q2 2015 Endocrinology A corticosteorid used for treating adrenocortical insufficiency in Addison disease and for treating saltlosing adrenogenital syndrome. FI, DK, NO,SE, IS
Attylet Q2 2015 Medical Nutrition Food Thickener SE
Furosemid Q2 2015 Hospital/Tenders Arixtra is a non-heparin mixture DK, NO, SE, FI
Ciprofloxacin Q2 2015 Hospital/Tenders Antibiotics NO
Oradexon Q2 2015  Hospital/Tenders A corticosteroid drug used to treat allergies or inflammation FI
Gracial Q2 2015  Hospital/Tenders A combiphasic oral contraceptive FI
Sustanon Q2 2015  Hospital/Tenders Anabolic Steroid FI
Deca-Durabolin Q2 2015  Hospital/Tenders Anabolic Steroid FI
Ovestin Ovesterin Oestriol Q2 2015  Female Care Estriol, hormone replacement therapy (HRT) for treatment of atrophic vaginitis (due to estrogen deficiency) in peri- and post-menopausal women DK, NO, SE, FI
Orgaran Q2 2015  Hospital/Tenders Orgaran is a non-heparin mixture of low molecular weight. The indication is prevention of deep vein thrombosis. FI
Ellen Tampons Q1 2015  Female Care Probiotic tampons DK, SE, NO
Ellen Intimcreme Q1 2015  Female Care Probiotic creme DK, SE, NO
Escitalopram Q1 2015  Generics A generic version of trade name Cipralex from Lundbeck. Used to treat depressions. FI
Amino  5 Q4 2015  Medical Nutrition Amino Acid NO
Bramino Q1 2015  Medical Nutrition Amino Acid NO
Metronidazol Q1 2015  Hospital / Tenders Antibiotics FI
PKU Cooler 20 Kaffe Q1 2014  Medical Nutrition New taste, line extension DK, NO, SE
PKU Cooler 15 Citron/Lime Q1 2014  Medical Nutrition New taste, line extension. DK, NO, SE
Gynefix® Q2 2013  Female Care Intrauterine device (IUD). Highly effective copper-releasing IUD. NO, FI
Candesartan® Q2 2013  Cardiology Used in the treatmend of hypertension. Candersartan Aspen can replace Atacand®, AstraZeneca.
Partosure® Q1 2013  Female Care Time to Delivery (TTD) test. DK, NO, SE, FI
Montelukast® Q1 2013  Used in the treament of asthma and to relieve symptoms of seasonal allergies. Montelukast® Aspen can replace MSD's Singulair®.
Levetiracetam® Q1 2013  Antiepileptica used in the treatmend of patients suffering from epilepsy. Levetiracetam® Aspen can replace UCB's original drug Keppra®.
4DryField® Q1 2013  Hemostatic. A medical device, an absorbable starch powder, for application to bleeding wounds by physicians or medical-technical specialists. It is innovative and plant-based.

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