NYDA® - one treatment is enough!

  • NYDA® provides effective treatment of head lice and eggs and can be used in children of all ages.
  • NYDA® is non-toxic and requires only one treatment. Recommended product by the FDA (August 2010) and demonstrated effectiveness in several published studies.
  • Fine comb included for finishing.

NYDA® is a revolutionary head lice treatment as it brings many product attributes to concerned parents and children.
NYDA® does not contain any neurotoxic chemicals. NYDA® has a UNIQUE dual action dimeticone, allowing it to penetrate deeply into the tiniest parts of the lice, larvae and also the egg’s breathing system, replacing the air. This prevents the exchange of gases, provoking death of head lice and its eggs in a physical fashion within 58 seconds.

NYDA® kills it all from eggs to lice with no chance of developing resistance. Extremely safe to use, NYDA® is sold in an easy to use pump spray which is designed to properly pinpoint the pleasant smelling formulation where it is needed.