The Share

1The Navamedic share is listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange under the ticker code NAVA. All shares have equal rights and are freely transferable.

Shareholder value Navamedics goal is to achieve long-term value growth which exceeds that of relevant, competitive investment alternatives. For shareholders, this is reflected in the combination of the long-term performance of the Navamedic share and the dividend that is paid out.

Follow the development of the Navamedic share, at Oslo Børs under the Nava ticker. Navamedic ASA has been listed on the Oslo Børs since March 31, 2006.

To view all stock exchange releases form the Company, please review Oslo Børs NewsWeb under the NAVA ticker.

Share information:

ISIN ISIN NO 001 0205966
Par value NOK 1 per share
Number of share 11.867.673
Share capital NOK 11.867.673
Registrar DnB NOR, Issue Services

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