Navamedic ASA: Enters into partnership agreement for distribution of Zorflex® in Sweden and Finland

2017-12-21 08:45:12

Oslo, December 21, 2017 - Navamedic ASA (OSE: NAVA), the Norwegian medtech and pharmaceutical products company, today announced it has entered into an agreement with Chemviron Carbon Ltd. (Chemviron) for the launch and commercialisation of Zorflex® wound care contact dressings in Sweden and Finland. Zorflex®, a naturally antimicrobial, 100 percent activated carbon wound contact dressing, helps accelerate treatment of a wide range of chronic and non-chronic wounds.

"We are very pleased to announce the partnership with Chemviron for launch of Zorflex wound contact dressings in Sweden and Finland. Zorflex helps accelerate wound healing in patients, and has a number of properties for better ease of use and patient comfort. We believe the partnership with Chemviron opens up additionalmarket opportunity and revenue potential for Navamedic, as Zorflex addresses a large patient population and we can leverage a well-established position the Nordic market within the field of wound healing, having earlier launched Woulgan from the Norwegian company Biotech Pharmacon. Zorflex complements Woulgan in our wound care portfolio, opening up additional opportunities to help patients with various types of wounds. The agreement is also in line with our strategic approach of further strengthening our products portfolio in selected areas and entering solid, long-term partnerships," says Tom Rönnlund, Chief Executive Officer of Navamedic.

Zorflex® is a highly adsorbent, naturally antimicrobial contact wound dressing, which helps accelerate the healing process by entrapping and killing microbes on the wound surface. The flexible, knitted textile is designated for use with all chronic and non-chronic wound types, ranging from venous leg ulcers, diabetic and pressure ulcers, to trauma wounds, surgical wounds, and fungal skin infections. In contrast with most conventional antimicrobial dressings, Zorflex® dressings contain no added chemical agents, and uses a triple action to combat microbes and odour to accelerate wound healing:

  • Antimicrobial action uses electrostatic forces to draw, trap and destroy microbes and adsorb endotoxins
  • Conductivity restores the body's natural transepithelial potential, aiding healing
  • Odour management by adsorbing odour molecules and combating odour-causing microbes.

"Zorflex will be an important and prioritised product for Navamedic, significantly strengthening our position in the advanced wound care market. We look forward to launching the product and building our partnership with Chemviron, and to jointly secure a solid position in this market," says Rönnlund.

For further information, please contact:

Tom Rönnlund, CEO, Navamedic ASA

Telephone: +46 727 320 321

ABOUT Zorflex®

Zorflex® is indicated as an antimicrobial dressing for use over discharging, partial and full thickness wounds such as: trauma, surgical sites, fungating carcinomas, pressure ulcers, venous ulcers and diabetic ulcers. The application of Zorflex® on an open wound creates conditions conducive to accelerated wound healing. With its natural triple action: Antimicrobial, Conductive and Odour Management it reduces odour, pain and exudate. It is easy to use, can be cut to shape and folded and has a wear time of up to 7 days.


Navamedic ASA is a Norwegian medtech and pharmaceutical products company, delivering products to patients, hospitals and pharmacies in the Nordic and select European markets. The Group's Medtech business has developed and is currently introducing the next generation of digital urine meter Sippi®. Navamedic's Pharma and Healthcare business is a distributor of products supplied by a number of pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers. Navamedic is listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange (ticker: NAVA).

ABOUT Chemviron Carbon Ltd

Chemviron Carbon is the European Opertaions of Calgon Carbon Corporation, a global leader in innovative solutions, high quality products and reliable services designed to protect human health and the environment from harmful contaminants in water, and air. As a leading manufacturer of activated carbon, with broad capabilities in ultraviolet light disinfection, the Company provides purification solutions for drinking water, wastewater, pollution abatement, and a variety of industrial and commercial manufacturing processes.

Calgon Carbon Corporation (NYSE:CCC) is the world's largest producer of granular activated carbon and supplies more than 100 types of activated carbon products - in granular, powdered, pelletized and cloth form - for more than 700 distinct applications. Headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Calgon Carbon employs approximately 1,100 people at more than 15 manufacturing, reactivation, and equipment fabrication facilities in the U.S., Asia, and in Europe. The company also has more than 27 sales and service centres throughout the world.