Navamedic ASA: Strengthens international IP position with two new patents in the U.S.

2018-04-26 14:21:53

Oslo, 26 April 2018 - Navamedic ASA announced today that the United States Patent and Trademark Office has granted patents for the Sippi® base technology for using capacitance as a volume measurement and silicone oil as surface protection in digital urine handling systems, as well as for Sippcoat® to be used in any body fluid handling system to help prevent bacteria migration. The two patents complement similar patents previously received in Europe.

"Obtaining these two patents demonstrates our innovative approach to digital urine measurement technology and bacteria control and further protects Navamedic's international property as we continue to work diligently with the international commercialisation of the Sippi product family. The patents yield major licencing opportunities, positioning us well for an accelerated growth path for our proprietary technology, and hence an additional multi-million NOK market potential for Navamedic," says Magnus Emmoth, CEO of Navamedic Medtech AB.

The first patent covers the use of capacitance for contactless urine volume measurement and siphon as release principle, a proprietary technology part of Navamedic's digital urine handling system, Sippi®. Using capacitance sensors located on the base unit, Sippi measures urine volume through the walls of the measurement chamber. The sensors can thus be reused on multiple patients without contamination risks, representing major cost and time savings opportunities for health care professionals in intensive care wards and hospitals. Utilizing silicone oil for surface protection in urine handling systems and hence bacteria control is also part of this first patent.

The second patent granted is for Sippcoat®, a soluble capsule, which incorporates sterilized silicone oil in an oil-releasing mechanism. The mechanism is automatically activated by the patient after application and inhibits biofilm formation inside urine handling systems. Biofilm formation is the root cause for bacterial growth on medical devices, and it has been proven that use of silicone oil helps prevent nosocomial infections. This patent covers not only urine handling system but any body fluid handling system, e.g. various drainage systems.

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Magnus Emmoth, CEO of Navamedic Medtech  

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Navamedic ASA is a Norwegian medtech and pharmaceutical products company, delivering products to patients, hospitals and pharmacies in the Nordic and selected European markets. The Group's Medtech business has developed and is currently introducing the next generation of digital urine meter Sippi®. Navamedic's Pharma and Healthcare business is a distributor of products supplied by a number of pharmaceutical manufacturers. Navamedic is listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange (ticker: NAVA).