What is Re5®?

Re5®-NTS is a Danish developed and clinically proven treatment concept that uses electric pulses as treatment in patients with severe depression, also known as refractory depression.
In September 2015 Re5®-NTS was approved in the EU and by the Danish Health Authorities.

Effective treatment with T-PEMF
The treatment with Re5®-NTS is based on T-PEMF, which stands for Transcranial Pulsed Electro Magnetic Fields. Re5®-NTS stands for Re5- Neuro Treatment System. The system consists of a pulse-generator and a Cap with 7 coils.
These coils transmit electric pulses to the brain through the application of pulsed electromagnetic fields.
The Cap is connected to a pulse-generator and is placed on top of the head.
One treatment with Re5®-NTS lasts 30 minutes and should be repeated every day for 8 weeks.
During the treatment patients cannot feel the electric pulses.
Clinical studies with Re5®-NTS have documented significant positive effect on patients with refractory depression1,2,3.
Re5®-NTS is developed by Danish scientists at the University of Copenhagen in co-operation with psychiatrists from Hillerød Hospital. The clinical studies were condutcted by teams of psychiatrists and psychiatric clinical staff under the leadership of professor, dr. med. Per Bech at the Psychiatric Centre of North Zealand, University Hospital in Hillerød. The results of the conducted studies were published in 2010, 2014 and 20151,2,3.

Mechanism of action
During a depression the brain cells communicate poorly with each other.
The Re5®–NTS Cap mimics the electric fields of action potentials which can be detected around the nerve cells. The stimulation affects increased formation of blood vessels, increased neural activity and secretion of important signalling molecules related to activity and growth. Treatment with the Re5®-NTS Cap and the stimulation with the electric pulses activates neurons leading to an increased brain plasticity4.

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Rahbek et al PEMF.pdf (PDF document, 301 kB)